Live: Mod Sun


Mod Sun March 2, 2015 @ Brighton Music Hall, Boston, MA


Photographed by David Weiner

Right around 10 p.m. Mod Sun rolled out of the green room smelling like weed and teen spirit.


I doubt this kid smokes weed.


About halfway through the show, Mod climbed up into the rafters and swung by his legs above the crowd. Thank god everybody brought their cell phones.


“I live like happiness is currency, that’s why I’m rich.” - Mod Sun


“Thanks for following the rules of the venue tonight. Someday they’ll legalize weed.” - Mod Sun

 He laid on the floor to catch his breath. He had surprisingly good cardio, all things considered.


I snagged this gem off the hip. Toward the end of the show Mod climbed off the stage out into the audience and crawled on the floor to the bar in the back of the venue for a fresh drink. I want to be this man’s friend so badly. 


Dillon Cooper opened for Mod Sun and ripped the stage harder than his pants.


Cooper was a homie and let me snap some shots of him and his Hennessy after the show.


I had to shoot this one quickly before we got thrown out for putting feet on the Skee-Ball.


KR was equally as dope as Cooper and put in work during his opening performance.

I could honestly be best friends with all of these dudes. They were easily some of the most chill bunch of guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and they all slay the mic.


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