Big Freedia 'Bounce Shakedown'


 Big Freedia rules as the Queen of an uptempo brand of New Orleans hip-hop called 'Bounce' music. The genre existed in the depths of Louisiana's underground club scene well before Freedia came into the picture, but has been gradually working its way into the public's conscience due to the curiosity behind its most prominent figure and marketable crossover into mainstream trap music.  

Bounce music is highlighted by its steady, heavy-hitting bass and commanding vocals. The lyrics are far from poetry, but call to action a wild raucous of ass shaking and hair whipping. 

Big Freedia has amassed an impressive catalogue of albums, singles and collaborations which have landed her with a Fuse Television series now in its fourth season; Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce. She also holds the Guinness World Record for holding the largest simultaneous twerk session. 

As a member of the trans and LGBTQ community, Freedia has become a major role model in the music industry. Her exposure on Fuse TV and collaborations with artists ranging from Diplo to Ru Paul has put her in the spotlight as a powerful, atypical celebrity with two messages, to shake your ass and to be yourself. 

We had the chance last week to take a peak behind the curtain of bounce and experience first-hand the influence of Big Freedia.  


Tootie took to the mixing board to drop a split for the sound guy. She managed to twerk on a slender 6-inch wide ledge, damn.


Here's a taste of the bounce that put Big Freedia on the map.


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