Prom Days Are Never Over!!


Playlist Curated by POND Staff


Prom is a magical night with unicorns and rainbows and just PURE HAPPINESS. Just kidding, it’s definitely not like that... I mean unless your high school resembles a binder covered in Lisa Frank stickers but then that's a totally different/very weird story. Prom is a different experience for everyone. Sometimes it really is magical and beautiful and the whole 9 yardz, while other times it falls short and doesn’t fulfill any of your dreamy expectations. Prom is typically a big deal, with guys freaking out over the perfect date and girls freaking out over the perfect dress.

Sometimes dancing is for RAGING & GETTING DOWN, but sometimes you just wanna drift from side to side and stew in your own personal loneliness and longing. So prom queens, here is a playlist created by our staff of their favorite songs from the ridiculously awkward school dances they went to. So grab your high school yearbook, climb into bed and let the nostalgia begin...