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Heart of Gold: Remembering Trey Gruber

Trey Gruber, frontman of rising Chicago band Parent, passed away last month at 26. Just over 1000 people live in New Vienna, the rural Ohio village where Gruber grew up. From childhood on, he worked on the family farm, but grew more restless and disaffected by the pastoral setting with age. He channeled his provincial alienation into music, emerging a highly emotive, prolific songwriter.

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GRRRLS ONLY: A Limited Edition Zine

In celebration of Women's History Month and in collaboration with Brooklyn based fashion designer Dolores Haze we showcased an inspiring collection of emerging female artists with a limited edition zine, GRRRLS ONLY.

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Zine Queens, Nasa Hadizadeh, Kati Yewell and Natalie Leonard

With the release of the first issue of Noisy Kids Zine at the Alt Space pop-up, we talk to three founding editors of the New York DIY zine community and talk origins, present zine culture, and future plans for the three publications.

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