The Reality Is: Part 1

Written by Rand Faris

Illustrated by Steph Lau


Born in the US to a Jordanian father and Palestinian mother, Rand Faris left the United States at age six to grow up in Jordan. She earned her BA in England and then moved to New York, where she currently resides, to pursue her dreams of an acting career as well as life in general. Most of her writing has appeared in person, performed at open mics and poetry nights around London and New York. Random extracts of Rand's writing can be found on her Instagram posted either as screenshots from her notes or as captions. 

“The Reality is: Part 1” is the first out of a series of three. The title came from one of my recent acting classes. I'm not exactly sure where that sentence fit in, but I do remember it sticking out. I liked it and so I chose to use it as a theme for these pieces. When inspiration is momentarily scarce and I want to write really badly, I try to look for it as opposed to having it find me. 

There are pieces that are birthed from fingertips and some from pencil tips. These are an unequal mixture of both. This piece is about pulling myself back after I find myself drifting away into my stream of thought.


Do you ever find happiness in usual instances?

I have.

And I do.

And I don’t plan it.

It just happens.

It feels real nice when it does.


It feels like I can be happy for no reason.




Dusk again.

Dusk after tomorrow


Dusk next year.

Hot water running over my hands when I wash them, or when I pretend to wash them and I’m really just running hot water over them convincing myself it’s the same act of cleanliness.

Your head on my chest when we lay.

Your smile this morning


Our conversation last night.

Riding my bike when the weather is just right.

Walking out the door and finding that the weather is better than just right, it’s close to perfect.

Discovering you may actually love me too.

Discovering a sort of beauty reflecting in the mirror.

Sitting on my bed first thing after a long day, and feeling the tiredness.

Sitting on your bed and feeling like I’m not a stranger.

Daydreaming while I listen to that song.

Daydreaming while I repeat that song to daydream the same daydream again.

Reading what Charles wrote, once and thoroughly.

Reading what I wrote, twice, and slowly.

The way the city stands at night from the piers in Greenpoint.

The way you looked at me just now.

The way I felt after just now.

That song I just saved from my discover weekly.

That song by the Obliques.

The way you dance


When we’re dancing.

The day I actually start to like my new tattoo.


To name a few.


But the reality is: There is a reason. There’s always a reason even if I don’t acknowledge it.


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