Cut Loose

"Cut Loose" started in a flood of emotions after a failing relationship, that I really wanted to work out, finally ended. In the learning to let go of the fear of losing a partner and being forgotten by someone you still care for, I began exploring fear and erasure in existential, political, and cultural frames in addition to my personal fears.

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Don’t Start Your Year Taking a Shot of Malort, Or Do: New Years in Chicago

We rang in 2018 in one of the coldest parts of the country: Chicago, Illinois (pretty sure the city recorded its coldest New Year’s Day to date). Chicago’s very own Twin Peaks, the 5 piece band, held a three night run at Thalia Hall over New Years weekend - bringing along fellow Chicago acts and friends, Sun Cop, Knox Fortune, Dehd, Post Animal, Today’s Hits and NE-HI.

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Heart of Gold: Remembering Trey Gruber

Trey Gruber, frontman of rising Chicago band Parent, passed away last month at 26. Just over 1000 people live in New Vienna, the rural Ohio village where Gruber grew up. From childhood on, he worked on the family farm, but grew more restless and disaffected by the pastoral setting with age. He channeled his provincial alienation into music, emerging a highly emotive, prolific songwriter.

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