Coded Visions with Secret Friend's John Provencher and Fletcher Graham

Art Courtesy of John Provencher and Fletcher Graham


John Provencher and Fletcher Graham are graphic designers and animators based in Brooklyn. They’re the resident artists for Secret Friend 005, the fifth installation of our immersive party series in collaboration with Psymon Spine. Taking place at Williamsburg's Baby's All Right this Friday January 11, the two will be transforming the space with coded live visuals. To get an idea of what they have in store for us, we asked them to answer a few quirky Pictionary questions. Take a look below and come help us celebrate our one year anniversary on the dance floor tomorrow.


POND: Leave your mark somewhere.




POND: Do something you've always wanted to do.

Fletcher: I’ve always wanted to post stuff from this mo-cap project from years ago, but the entire internet started doing animations like this before I could finish it.


POND: What would Fletcher look like as a robot?




POND: What will the subway look like in 20 years?

Fletcher: à la Futurama.


POND: What is something you've been hiding?




POND: What is something you've recently discovered?

Fletcher: The silicon structure of an accelerometer. I stumbled on this in my work for SF 005.


Keep up with John and Fletcher on Instagram and get your tickets to Secret Friend 005 here.