"Just You and Me: A Reflection of Us", a Photo Diary by Lila Barth

Photography by Lila Barth


I knew I liked you when I saw you for the second time at that roof party on June fourth. Despite all the familiar faces I was most drawn to you. You told me a story about a cat who had snuck into your shitty basement apartment off the Bushwick-Aberdeen stop, the same apartment we’d find ourselves loving each other in a few weeks down the line. I thought it was endearing how you tried to play it cool regardless of how terrified you were to climb down that rickety ladder that had led us there. You were so kind that night as you always are. To me that was important. And at the bar, on our first date, I found myself loving you, plain and simple. Everything about you. And from then on it was just me and you.

Waking up before you.jpg
A reflection of us.jpg
Sometimes things like this can hurt.jpg
You be red and I_ll be green .jpg
Before it sets.jpg
Before the find.jpg
How we get along.jpg
How you see me.jpg
Waiting for you.jpg
Love bite.jpg
Sometimes you can be so tender.jpg
I_m locked out.jpg
You_re locked out.jpg

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