The 2017 POND Photo Exhibition Gallery


 With no theme and no restrictions, we ran a week long photography contest in hopes of finding new talent to showcase at our first photography exhibition at Chinatown Soup, a gallery located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Receiving over 50 submissions from contributors all over the world in just one week, we selected 13 new photographers to join our already chosen artists of Jordan Tiberio, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Marisa Chafetz, Miranda Barnes, Lila Barth, Denise Bodden, Jess Faran, Grace Ann Leadbeater, and Grace Pendleton. Find the chosen photographers below, labeled with an asterisk, amongst all the other wonderful submissions we received and come by to see their prints hanging at Chinatown Soup (16 Orchard St.) from 7-10pm on Friday, December 1st. 

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