Photo Diary: Sara Hiromi

Photographed by Sara Hiromi


I recently moved to NYC from Texas, and while I surprisingly quickly grew to love the fast paced hustle of the city, my inability to instantly and cheaply escape at a moment’s notice has been bringing me down harder than expected. I’m use to taking a day once a week to go to the river, or at least for a long drive, but I don’t have a car in NY nor do I know many people outside the city, so while public transport makes sightseeing easy it doesn’t help with my need for quiet seclusion. About a month into being in the city, my roommate Bao and I’s friend Skye invited us upstate to chill on the animal sanctuary where she lives and I was all too happy to get away for a day. So here are some photos documenting the days activities.


The house where Skye lives, straight out of a fairy tale. Bao and I had seen photos of her new place on IG, so we knew it was pretty, but it still managed to go above all expectations; rolling hills in the back and soft green grass out front shaded by large trees. When we got there Skye had to feed all pets so here she is walking with a food bowl and Bao in toe.


The inside of the house wall also just dreamy as can be and filled with little critters; it took 20 minutes for her to introduce us to all the cats, dogs, and rat that dwelled inside. Here’s Skye sitting on her vintage couch with her two biggest pup fans.


Bao is a photographer and I dabble in it, so of course we took full advantage of our surroundings and did a little shoot while we were up there.


Later Skye's roommate came home and we all just stood around in the kitchen, drank coffee and looked out at the view in the back of the house. Her roomie was the one who decorated the place and spent a while telling us where everything came from and showed off her prized pet portraits with cheesy captions.


Out back was a huge pen that held a few rescue sheep, goats, ducks, and a pig. Chickens and dogs just roamed free around the yard.


And here’s Skye with her crazy amazing view. Two decks wrap the back of the house and the afternoon sun slowly lights the west facing side as the day goes on; I can only imagine what sunset is like there.


TBH my favorite part of the little day trip was the car ride home. Skye had stuff to do in the city so she drove us back and it felt good to drive through the more sparkly populated roads of upstate for a bit. I pretty much lived out of my car in Texas, and really missed driving around listening to bad music.


While listening to music I ate a turkey club sandwich and just watched the scenery. It’s the little things that make me feel the most alive.


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Special thanks to The Impossible Project.