Photo Diary: Navy Gangs


Photographed by Navy Gangs


Sprawled throughout a week of aimless wandering, technical mishaps, shattering pop hits, and live performances, navy gangs tries to capture the essence of the modern 20 something year old musician in Brooklyn and Queens. Through a developed caricature, focusing on the works of traffic cones, and everything orange, the boys spend their time with each other, in a seemingly careless and chaotic environment finding that the only comfort in the world is with use of sheer satirical and nonsensical outputs. Read Goosebumps, take walks and buy avocados, break your guitar in half, drink two bottles of wine and cry while listening to Townes Van Zandt, flip your skateboard and break your neck, the oyster is only half eaten and it's all the beginning.

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Special thanks to The Impossible Project

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