Artem Nadyozhin: The G-Land Project


By POND Staff


Artem Nadyozhin is a young photographer from Kiev. Raised in Pervomaisk, a small industrial town in the south of Ukraine, Artem continues to find his inspiration in the memories of foggy landscapes and the abandoned factories of his hometown which has continued to have a significant influence on his photography.

Lowered contrast, desaturated colors and slightly blurred contours render the universe Artem observes through his camera.  In the same manner that each moment of our life is transitory, the world Artem shows fades away. He never tells stories or expresses personalities in his work. Rather, he captures spontaneous and temporary moments of life, like hair movement or the reflection of sun rays on the sea surface — moments that are fleeting and irreversible.


The G-Land Project was developed during a trip to Georgia. Rocky mountains covered with snow even in summer, foggy landscapes, endless pastures, ancient churches and fortresses- raw authentic culture. In Georgia, like nowhere else, you feel the majesty of time. Inevitable comes the understanding that we are all just tiny grains in this hour-glass of eternity.


"My favorite picture is the one with the female figure standing by the ballustrade of Ananuri castle. — Halfly ruined castle with churches overgrown with grass, abandoned villas around and shallow rivers — the impressions were so amazing I tried to emit them in picture. I asked my girlfriend to pose for the photo — to express this contrast of immortal and fleeting”.

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