On Tour With Vundabar

By Caitlin McCann

Playlist Curated By Vundabar


Caitlin McCann toured with Vundabar, a Boston based "Sludgy Jangly Pop" band (according to their Facebook page), from coast to coast and photographed their tour this summer. They released their new album Gawk in July of this year. Take a look at a compilation of their time together while listening to a playlist curated by the boys. 


If you don’t like hiking, you can’t tour with Vundabar.  This was taken at 7am, somewhere in Nevada, after driving thru the night.


A natural resting place. Madison, WI.


Somewhere in Alabama. A couple hours after this photo was taken, we went to a grocery store and picked up some veggies, shrimp, and wine. We were going to cook ourselves a fancy dinner instead of the usual lame-o camp food we had been eating for the last 2 weeks. As Drew and I are setting up our tents, it starts down pouring rain with zero warning. BUCKETS. No joke. Somehow Brandon made it into Drew’s tent totally dry (asshole), so we tossed all of our belongings and the food to him so they didn’t get wet. Zack, Drew and I were soaked to the bone and hid under my abandoned tent until the rain slowed so we could change into dry clothes. The rest of the night was spent squeezed and sweating in the tent, drinking wine from the bottle, eating raw vegetables, and laughing our heads off. It was one of the best nights of the tour.


Brandon and Mister Rat, who roamed free while we slept and walked on our heads. Garden Grove, CA.


Golden hour with a golden boy. Huntington Beach, CA.


I took this photo after Zack had driven thru the night for 6 hours straight, running on coffee and cigarettes and Modest Mouse songs, which is why he looks like a zombie and also why he hates this photo (sorry Zack).  We pulled over on the side of the road to watch the sun rise and may have also been chased by mad cows.


The sun rises behind us as we finally leave Texas; we had been there for too long and were finally bound for San Francisco. Feeling GOOD.


“Stupid...so.  STUPID.”  Boulder, CO.


 Callous croon. This could happen to you. Philadelphia, PA.


Part of our routine before a show was to get a couple 6 packs of local beer and drink in the van so naturally…


General shenanigans. Long Beach, CA.


Brandon’s third eye. Somewhere in Alabama.


Someone’s always kissing someone. Philadelphia, PA.


We hiked in Arizona until it was dark and afterwards rewarded ourselves by going to a Route 66 tourist diner that was painted the same color as this sky. We bet Drew 2 bucks to eat the gritz that bounced and the guy in the booth next to us overheard and threw in too.


The boy let his hair down. Zack in Garden Grove, CA.


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