Lauren Early and Maren Karlson over WhatsApp: the Premiere of “Lemon”

Interview by lauren early and Maren Karlson

Photo by Lizzie Klein

Photo by Lizzie Klein


Lauren Early is a musician currently based in Los Angeles. She’s toured in Girlpool and Surf Curse. Her debut EP Patience comes out next week, May 24th. Catch the premiere of her latest music video “Lemon” below along with her conversation with artist Maren Karlson.


I met my dear friend Maren Karlson on the subway in New York City years ago. She’s from Berlin and was studying abroad at the time. She then moved back to Germany and since then we’ve literally spoken 24/7 on WhatsApp. She always has the smartest, funniest, and stupidest things to say. We chatted over WhatsApp for this interview. She also happens to be the most talented person in the world and everyone should check out her amazing freaky troll art.


*Warning: there are many grammatical errors in this interview due to maintaining the integrity of keeping in contact with close friends across continents*


Lauren: Okay! We’re “on the record.”

Maren: R u gay Lauren?

Lauren: Lol. I’m “down for whatever”… so yes :)

Maren: Good answer ;) What was the first song or sound you listened to this morning? What did you have for breakfast? How’s it going?

Lauren: I woke up with “Baby I Love You” by The Ramones in my head this morning so I immediately listened to that! I made spaghetti last night and forgot to put the leftovers away. I had a bite of it this morning and now I have a stomach ache :( to answer both questions 2 and 3. My life sounds sad but it’s not!!

Maren: It doesn’t sound sad, it sounds like you’re a rockstar! 

Lauren: Well my song did get *600* plays on Spotify yesterday… I’m a rockstar now. “Out of my way rockstar coming through.”

Maren: I don’t need that data to tell you’re a rockstar, that was obvious before! What was the first instrument you ever played? What was the first piece of music you ever listened to?

Lauren: When I was eight I started playing the saxophone because I was inspired by Lisa Simpson, but then I had to stop because I have asthma lol. And then a few years later I started playing bluegrass fiddle because of the episode in “King of the Hill” where Connie starts playing fiddle, and I loved it. There was randomly this incredible bluegrass shop where I lived (Granada Hills) called The Blue Ridge Pickin’ Parlor, it was like the hub of the Los Angeles area bluegrass scene, which is a funny scene…

I don’t remember the first piece of music I ever listened to, but the first album I got really attached to was Dookie by Green Day. And then I was obsessed with A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay when it came out when I was like ten. And honestly to this day I think those are two of the best albums of all time.

Maren: I had no idea you played saxophone! I guess you answered my next question already kind of... I was gonna ask why you make music. Lol I actually want to know!

Lauren: It’s the thing I love most in the whole world! I honestly can’t imagine any scenario in which I wouldn’t have played music. Like I kind of don’t understand how anyone goes through life and like, is aware that music exists, but they’re never like “man I need to figure out how to play guitar those things are amazing!"

But ya, I’ve played music forever but was raised to believe that it’s not a realistic thing to devote your life to. So I’ve done a bunch of other things, but playing music kept creeping in and sabotaging whatever else I was trying to do. So I’m finally like, “fuck it.” This is obviously what I need to be doing with my life.

Also I get so much satisfaction from creating the type of songs that I wish existed in the world. The best feeling is writing a good song and then forgetting it the next day and playing back a recording. I’m just really excited that it exists, and the fact that I made it is the *cherry on top*.

Maren: I’m really glad you’re realizing this because I think it’s obvious to everyone around you that you need to do this with your life :’) or at least to me it is. What song do you wish you’d written?

Lauren: Imagine if I wrote “Bodak Yellow.” I mean.. that song would be really lame if I was the one who wrote it. Idk… “No Aloha” by The Breeders is a perfect song that I could listen to forever.

Maren: “Bodak Yellow” and “No Aloha” are probably some of the absolute best songs that have ever existed in the world tbh. You saw The Breeders play recently right? Was it epic?

Lauren: I did! It was amazing to see them but also it was like two and a half hours and honestly there’s no one I want to see play that long. But I fucking love them and am so grateful to have seen them play. Kim and Kelley Deal are like aliens who are a gift to planet Earth, and the bassist is like Shane from “The L Word” but British lol.

Maren: Lol ok short intermission did you know there is a British version of “The L Word” called “Lip Service”?

Lauren: Wtf!

Maren: It has British Shane too!!

Lauren: How do you feel about Shane?

Maren: I hate Shane so much. Lol she’s gross. Such a player! How do you feel about Shane?

Lauren: I also hate Shane!!!! Everyone loves her I don’t get it. Dana is the only charming one. Bette is objectively the hottest.

Maren: Dana <3 I like Jenny lol because everyone hates her, and she’s really twisted and mean, and complicated.

Lauren: You’re such a humanitarian. Loving Jenny after everything she’s done… That show has amazing cameos, weren’t The Go-Go’s on it?

Maren: Weren’t The Breeders on it? I bet they were. They must have been.

Lauren: Idk Kim is “supposedly” “not” “gay.”

Maren: Hahahahahaha, yea right! I’m not gay either.

Lauren: I remember when I first met u and then I stalked u on tumblr and it was 100% gay memes.

Maren: Lol was it?!? If by gay memes you mean nuns making out then yes, I remember those. Ok so back to you! What are you doing right now? Do you make music everyday?

Lauren: Right now I’m walking my boss’ dog. I’m a TV writer’s assistant right now but basically I’m just a glorified dog walker. And yes I’ve been making music everyday :-). I’m starting to demo a full length album which will probably be the next thing to come out after this EP and tbh it’s going to be amazing. Like most things it’s a habit, and if you don’t do it every day it’s really easy to get lazy about it.

Maren: Yes, I feel that. I get really depressed after a few days of not being able to draw or paint. When is that album going to come out?

Lauren: Idk! Hopefully when the right record deal comes around. I’m putting this EP out next Friday. It’s self-released and it’s been a crazy process—I’m ready for people to do some work for me and give me money to make something.

Maren: Are you playing everything yourself on your EP?

Lauren: Yup, I play everything. It’s all really personal, I like the idea that it’s just completely me seeing my own vision out to the bitter end. Also I’ve played in other people’s bands forever, so I really just want something that’s purely my own.. which is why it’s called “Lauren Early.” But for live shows I like to play with a band, that’s how it’s meant to be. That’s more about energy and having fun and like, connection.

Maren: I love that you get to have this thing that’s purely your own! If you could choose any drummer in the world (dead or alive) who would you choose?

Lauren: Probably Meg White. She’s such a good listener and plays with 100% feeling which I think meshes with how I like to play music.

Maren: Playing with feeling <3 (it’s late in Germany) I’m getting pretty sleepy, wanna continue this tomorrow?? I’m grandma.

Lauren: I think we can wrap it up!! Thank u for interviewing me Maren <3 Love u


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