Intro by David Weiner

Photography & Videography by Mary Kang


Julietta sets a perfect example of how to accurately marry the lyrically driven stylings of a singer-songwriter with the smokey, atmospheric sound of today's chillwave. Her voice neatly floats atop beats that any 420-friendly rapper would proudly cheers a blunt to.  

 We sat down with the young New Yorker, Julia Libani, for an acoustic sesh as well as to talk new music, upcoming shows and her inspirations. 


JULIETTA: I’ve always been into music and singing has been a place for me to just unwind and calm myself. 

Throughout high school I was in musical theater and then at 21-years-old I took out my tonsils and that’s a great story because it loosened up everything and it actually gave me more control and that’s when I realized that I could actually go for it. 

JULIETTA: I have a show coming up on October 17 at the Standard in the Lower East Side. It will be our first set with our full sound. We’ve been preparing for a while and I’m excited to share it with everybody.