Turn On, Drop Out

It was Bobby’s first time dropping acid, and I was a little worried about him taking two tabs at once. Naturally, I wanted to make sure he was fine, but that didn’t seem like a priority at the time, given the phantasmagoria of color that was spreading ahead of us.

GRRRLS ONLY: A Limited Edition Zine

In celebration of Women's History Month and in collaboration with Brooklyn based fashion designer Dolores Haze we showcased an inspiring collection of emerging female artists with a limited edition zine, GRRRLS ONLY.

Zine: FAN

FAN zine is an expression of creativity born out of, and in reaction to, fan culture. Through its pages, paired artists freely explore and present visual commentary of one another using disposable cameras. 

Zine: PLAY[ed] BOY

PLAY(ed) BOY is a zine for the lovers, the ones of us who are, more often than not, better described by the term “heartbroken” than “heartbreaker.” It aspires to be simultaneously a safe space and a public one, to give the spotlight to vulnerability with the goal of subsequently creating community.